Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including software, defense, computers and electronics, education, hospitality, non-profit, and government.

Operational Assessment Of A Large Mortgage Servicer

The Challenge

The client organization is a leading servicer of both private label and GSE loans. Facing the unprecedented rates of defaults, rapidly changing regulatory guidelines and borrower advocacy pressures, the executives wanted to review the entire loss mitigation process and identify key improvement areas.


Mapped out all key processes including: Investor reporting, Collections, Engineering, Loss mitigation, and Support functions

Reviewed key technologies and their interfaces for controls

Assessed human resources: Skill levels, Capacity, Incentives

Redesigned the organizational structure to align skill levels to job requirements

Unified financial and non-financial incentive frameworks

Redesigned key processes and roles/responsibilities


Reduced pipeline age by 12% in three months after launch

Reduced overtime by 22%

Reduced lost files by 20%

Lean Implementation At A Leading Mortgage Lender

The Challenge

The rising interest rate and consolidation in the industry was forcing the lender to drastically reduce its cost structure. Specific challenges included:

  • Increasing rate of fraud
  • Increasing default rates
  • High employee turnover
  • Commoditization of the industry and increasing difficulty for differentiation


Assessed the situation using Lean and Six Sigma techniques

Re-designed building layout and workflow for more efficient loan production

Instituted “Flexing” teams to better meet demand without increasing headcount

Conducted pilots in three centers involving 200 associates to work out the bugs

Trained over 1000 associates using client trainers


Improved employee productivity by 15%

Reduced cycle time by 17%

Reduced error rate by more than 25%

Saved $25M annually in operating costs

Customer Service Process Re-engineering For A Medical Disposables Company

The Challenge

The client organization is a leading supplier of nuclear medicine. Although sales were growing rapidly, so were customer service costs. To compete effectively in the market, the company needed to lean out its customer service operations.


Analyzed the issues by:

  • Mining all transaction data from the past two years
  • Interviewing key customers and confirming their requirements
  • Assessing root causes of customer complaints

Prioritized root causes

Formulated solutions:

  • Redesigned the customer service policy
  • Streamlined customer service processes
  • Engineering
  • Foolproofed steps that were prone to quality issues
  • Created job aids
  • Trained all employees

Established key performance indicators (KPIs)


Reduced order processing time by 30%

Reduced “fire-fighting” time by 82%

Reduced data entry error rate by 47%

Customer Relationship Process & Dashboard Design For A Diversified Electronic Component Manufacturer

The Challenge

The client company was a market leader in networking gear and computer peripherals. After more than 20 years of consistent growth, the company started to lose market share to Asian manufacturers who offered similarly performing devices at significantly discounted prices. Following two straight years of declining revenues and profits, the board of directors brought in a new management team who wanted to centralize what was then a collection of independently operated divisions. Intent on bringing costs under control, the client desired to consolidate the various Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation and customer support systems under a unified, common platform. Specific client requests included:

  • Benchmarking the effectiveness of existing marketing, sales, and customer support processes
  • Establishment of realistic performance goals
  • Guiding IT staff and ensuring appropriate solutions are implemented


Benchmarked the clients’ customer-facing processes against industry leading practices

Identified key gaps

Redesigned dashboards for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support organizations

Facilitated working sessions with department heads to establish realistic performance targets and timelines

Guided IT staff through system implementation to ensure all critical business requirements were properly reflected


Consolidated four disparate systems into a unified, common platform, saving more than $10M annually in licensing and maintenance costs

Improved lead conversion rate by more than 15%