Our approach to assisting with client projects is unique in at least four different ways:

Designer, Not Maintenance, Approach

Most managers are charged with maintaining their respective functions at targeted levels of performance and making incremental improvements. This shapes managers’ thinking into one of a tactical, operational mindset. This is the appropriate approach when the business is under “normal” cycles. However when transformational change is required, as in cases where competitive or regulatory landscapes are altered in significant ways, this mindset impedes progress and timely responses. The business needs to be viewed with a new set of lenses and employed with a design mindset. VCI consultants are designers of products, processes, and business models. When engaged by our clients, we bring a designer’s mindset to the improvement team.


Most consulting or software firms advertise that they develop “customized” solutions for your specific needs. In reality, what you get is standardized templates or packaged products with slight, if any, modifications. VCI is different. All VCI consultants are experts in statistics and data analytics. We pore over both internal and external data to uncover root causes and determine their quantitative impact. We develop models and assess the quantitative benefits of potential solutions before their implementation. No two VCI solutions are, therefore, identical.


Most consulting firms help clients by taking an outsider’s perspective, bringing in benchmarking data and knowledge of the best practices available. Such an approach, though helpful, fails to take an in-depth account of the unique challenges faced by the client. VCI consultants and software-implementation teams take an insider’s view by becoming part of the organization during the engagement. We work side-by-side with our client’s team in order to gain intimate knowledgeable about the company’s culture and its unique challenges.


VCI is an implementation consulting and solutions provider. Recommending solutions and leaving implementation to the client is not how we do business. VCI consultants work with the client’s team to ensure all details are taken care of and expected benefits are achieved. We create job aids, ghost-write e-mails, document processes, set up metrics, train employees, serve as interim managers and perform other tasks appropriate to each situation.